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Terms & Conditions

"We always advise our customers to read the Terms and Conditions before entering into a contract agreement"



Terms and conditions (“Terms”) are a set of legal terms defined by the owner of a website. They set forth the terms and conditions governing the activities of the website visitors on the said website and the relationship between the site visitors and the website owner. 

1.    We provide free design consultation services remotely that will enable us to provide an estimated quote for your project;

2.    We shall provide design consultation at your site at an hourly fee with travel expenses if requested;

3.    We shall conduct a site survey at a fixed fee, to assess the feasibility of your requirements and to obtain existing site measurements, there shall be no obligation to instruct us to proceed with your project if restrictions are found that can prevent your project go ahead.

Please Note: During our site survey visit: We do not lift manhole covers nor do we survey drainage. All drainage should be surveyed and details provided to us to confirm on drawings if required as part of the scheme prior to any building works.

Furthermore, there are specialist drainage engineers that can be instructed to design and confirm location, depth and suitability for the proposed scheme, after a camera survey is instructed and completed by a competent company/individual.

4.    If you decide to proceed with our service you shall be required to provide written or verbal instruction or hire us on any third party website that you found us.

5.    An invoice shall be provided and payment is required before issuing any drawings;

6.    Each project shall have a 28 days unlimited development time opportunity. The 28days shall begin from the first issued drawings.

7.    If your project requires more than 35 working days of development time, there shall be a reasonable fee to extend your time slot;

8.    When you are in agreement that the scheme is complete we shall finalise the planning drawings, complete the planning application forms and submit your planning application on your behalf. Fees for any planning application are not included in our package and you will be provided with instructions on how to make payment;

9.    Detailed building regulation drawings are also builders instructions therefore can be used to get builders and structural engineers quotes. Fees to upgrade the conceptual planning drawings to detailed building regulations drawings should be paid before issuing the drawings.

10.  It shall take approximately 40 working days to produce your building regulations package;

11.  We shall prepare and submit your building regulation drawings package for approval. We shall deal directly with building control on your behalf to ensure compliance. Fees for building control plan checks and during building site visits are not included within our packages

12.  Structural design work is not included within our packages. You will need to hire a structural engineer or ask us to recommend some in your area if you prefer;

13.  Once approved, we can print and issue full paper copies of your planning and building regulations packages through the post but at additional fixed fees.

14.  If any outstanding fees are not cleared in full within the allotted time scale we shall cancel progression to the development phase of the works, without warning or notification.

15.  You can cancel your instruction to proceed within 48 hours. A standard cancellation fee of £150 for design time will be required

16.  A canceled project shall be given the opportunity to have a replacement development time slot allocated, which shall incur a booking fee of £95.00  in addition to the balance of the standard Phase 1 Planning Drawings fees.

17.  During the development phase of the works there shall be no limit to the number of changes and modifications to the scheme made in the interests of positive and reasonable progression towards a defined scope of works.

18.  Changes to the already agreed and submitted drawings schemes to the council may be required. All changes to the already agreed and submitted drawings schemes shall incur reasonable fees, the minimum fee for changes to a final scheme shall be £50 and the maximum fee shall be £300  which shall be agreed upon in writing prior to the commencement of the required additional works.

19.  Different streets and areas have different restrictions by the Local Council. We do not guarantee planning permission this is a governmental process, we normally advise our clients to undertake a Pre-Planning application to get initial feedback from the local council concerning their projects and in most cases are successful. However, pre-planning is not sought due to the time/budget restrictions of the client.

Please Note: Once planning has been decided, whether passed or failed this then ends our contract, if your planning is not granted we will not produce the building regulations drawings (if outstanding) no fees are refundable after planning has been submitted or decided.

20.  There shall be no fees for changes to a scheme to satisfy the requirements of Building Control during their plan check process. However, changes to the already submitted and approved Building Regulations drawing scheme shall incur reasonable fees, the minimum fee for changes to the already submitted and approved Building Regulations drawing scheme shall be £70.00 and the maximum fee shall be £400.00, which shall be agreed upon in writing prior to the commencement of the required additional works.

21.  Fees for Planning Applications, Building Control Applications, Structural Calculations and Specialist Surveys or Reports are not included and shall be paid directly to the 3rd party by the customer. Unless Otherwise Agreed.

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