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COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Important COVID-19 Updates

Now more than ever, encouraging COVID-19 safe working environment for our staff and customers has become our mission.

To protect the health and well-being of our customers, our communities, and our teams, we wanted to share our contribution to relief efforts.

• All staff will be required to take their temperature daily.

• If any of our staff displays signs of COVID-19 or is in a household where someone is self-isolating they will be withdrawn from work.

• When attending a site survey our allocated staff will have hand sanitiser and face masks and will use them if you would like them to.

• Allocated staff to sanitise their hands before entering your premises to perform a site survey in sight of you and again upon exit.

• Allocated staff will remain more than 2m apart from you at all times wherever possible. 

• Client to consider leaving doors open to avoid contact with handles and ventilate the area you will meet in. It will be useful to have your pen.

• Please refrain from offering refreshments to our representative whilst they are visiting your premises.

Please confirmed the following:

• No householders are currently showing signs of Covid 19 infection such as a high temperature or persistent cough.

• No householders are classed as vulnerable or are being shielded.

• No householders are self-isolating.

• No householders are quarantining following travel abroad.

Please notify us immediately if any of the above changes between now and your appointment:

Furthermore, we have committed funds toward COVID-19 relief and these funds were used to:

• Offer financial grants to our employees to purchase all required PPE during site visits and PPE at work.

Our hearts and thoughts are with the community. We hope to continue to be a beacon of optimism and unity as we navigate this unprecedented time. 


With warmth and gratitude,


Your Hossingers Team

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